MHD's Special SingleClip Library
(online screeners)
These online screeners include the current released Special SingleClip Library with over 18 hours of footage.

The SingleClip Subject Movies below are for review and selection by timecode (TC). Each preview/screener has from 50 - 300 clips each for selection. All clips can be ordered and are priced under the MHD Royalty-Free Single Clip - discounting is available on orders of 5 clips or more. (*Clips are defined as Camera Start to Stop of a single subject (or shot) - either static, lockdown or camera movement (ie: zoom, pan, etc)).
For Ordering - contact Mammoth HD via email or phone.

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Please be advised that these are LARGE files- clicking on the link (title or thumbnail) will load the movie file.
The Run Time Length and File Size is in the Discription
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Aerials - 1 Aerials - 2 Aerials - 3
RT-00:48:02;04 (126mb)
New York City, San Francisco, California Coast, Glacier Nat'l Park
RT-00:36:02;06 (81mb)
Yosemite Nat'l Park, Hawaii, Lava
RT-00:40:53;05 (80.1mb)
Glacier Nat'l Park, Grand Teton Nat'l Park
Big Sur - 6 Cities - 6 Death Valley
RT-01:02:55;15 (127mb)
Scenics, Wildlife, Surf, Sunsets, Overviews, Flowers, Aerials
RT-00:33:29;17 (51.6mb)
New York City - Central Park, Statue of Liberty, Times Square, POV Street Driving, Skyscapers
RT-00:34:31;21 (36mb)
Dune Fields, Sunsets, Canyons
Glacier Nat'l Park - 3 Glacier Nat'l Park - 4 Grand Teton Nat'l Park -3
RT-01:00:15;18 (121mb)
Scenics, Lakes, Mountains, Waterfalls, Sunsets, Wildlife, Aerials, Winter
RT-01:04:41;02 (125.7mb)
Scenics, Lakes, Mountains, Waterfalls, Sunsets, Wildlife, Aerials, Winter, Spring. POV Driving "Going to the Sun Hwy"
RT-00:41:30;10 (137.4mb)
Winter/Spring in the Tetons - Scenics, Wildlife, plus Steadicam clips
Hawaii - 4 Hawaii - 8 Hawaii - 9
RT-00:54:9;16 (98.2mb)
Aerials, Lava, Volcano, Hawaii, ocean, waves, sunsets
RT-01:01:01;16 (144.6mb)
Hawaii, Rain,Tropical scenery, ocean, waves, palm trees, sunsets, Maui
RT-00:39:47;01 (67.8mb)
Hawaii, Aerials, Napali Coast, Tropical scenery, ocean, waves, palm trees, sunsets, Kauai and Hawaii (The Big Island) lava
"Long Shots" Oregon - 5 Spring/Fall - 4
RT-00:49:57;22 (41.2mb)
Long scenic clips (average over 2 minutes) - Yosemite, beaches, sunsets, desert, Hawaii, Yellowstone (*See Long Single Clip Pricing)
RT-00:47:17;29 (96.8mb)
Pacific Coastline, Cascade Mountains, Mt. Hood, Mt. Bachlor, flowers, forest, surf, waves, rainforest, wildlife, lighthouse
RT-00:44:16;24 ( 248.3mb)
Fall Color, spring flowers fields, SteadiCam "walks" in sping meadows, and fall
Steadicam Steadicam-2 Steadicam-3
RT-00:50:44;27 (188.10mb)
Steadicam scenes of beaches, forest trails
RT-00:56:24;05 (171.0mb)
Steadicam scenes of Grand Canyon Rim, Oregon beaches, forest trails, Yucca /desert and fall colors
RT-00:22:01;09 (101.2mb)
Steadicam scenes of Yosemite NP. Death Valley canyons, desert and Tulip fields
Wildlife Yellowstone Nat'l Park- 3 Yellowstone Nat'l Park- 4
RT-01:02:14;2 (135.8mb)
Birds, water fowl, buffalo, deer, elk, Big Horn Sheep, beaver and more
RT-01:02:34;06 (140.3mb)
Yellowstone's geysers, scenics and wildlife.
RT-01:02:34;06 (140.3mb)
Yellowstone's geysers, scenics and wildlife. Steadicam trail walks, Yellowstone River/Falls
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